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Welcome to! By clicking above, you’re acknowledging that you’re an adult, that you’re ok with homoerotic content, and your sole intention in …

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If so, continue reading to learn how you can obtain online access to more than 70 Billion Records contained in more than Eight Hundred investigative databases, and join a newsgroup with a membership of more than three thousand investigative professionals, by using any computer with an Internet connection.

What to do if you find: Adult Opossum . Put a box or laundry basket over opossum and weight down the box with a book, brick or whatever you have available.

The Internet Adult Film Database (IAFD) is an online database of information pertaining to, in America, the pornography industry: actors, actresses, directors, studios, distributors and pornographic films. It is similar to the Internet Movie Database, in that it is open to the public and is searchable.Films produced by the non-American …

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Welcome to Harley Hahn’s Master List of Usenet Newsgroups, the only annotated master list of Usenet newsgroups on the Internet. This page will help you search the Usenet Master List to find the newsgroups you want. You can search either by keyword or by category (explained below).

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Introduction. Soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm is a Usenet discussion group, or newsgroup, about various topics including sex and bondage. This FAQ list is my set of answers to some of the most common questions in that group. You may find it interesting whether or not you’ve encountered s.s.b-b itself.

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Author Collections. Some of our most prolific authors are featured here. Once a writer has sent us a significant numbers of good stories we create a special index page for them so fans can find them more easily.

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