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Belly and arm fat are among the most difficult types of fat to lose. Men tend to collect fat in the belly as they age. Many women tend to

Want to listen to more stuff like this? Check out my podcast! The Problem isn’t Always Loose or Excess Skin. While there are legit cases of excess skin after weight loss, what many people think is loose or excess skin is actually just excess body fat, which is soft and jiggly and easily mistaken as skin.

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We outlined whether or not you can get rid of loose skin after major weight loss here. But how about what you can do about slightly sagging skin after you’ve lost 10-20 pounds? What’s possible with exercise—and what’s not? If you’re looking to begin a major weight loss transformation, go

Stomach fat doesn’t just affect how you look, it has a serious impact on your health. While the looser fat deposits right under your skin — called

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A number of techniques have come about that are designed to tighten loose skin on your body. Whether you have loose skin due to rapid and extreme weight loss, or due to age, body firming wraps could be something that you could benefit from before turning to more extreme methods, like surgery.

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Ron, I want to thank you so much for your site and your book! The whole “loose skin” problem had me really discouraged (belly, upper arms, and under chin) and I searched the web, only finding plastic surgery ads. I am 57 years old and so especially for “over

Locate the Sites for the Pinch Test. The skinfold test is based on the premise that roughly half of total body fat is subcutaneous, or lies just below the skin.

We talk a lot about dieting and burning off fat, but we actually have a lot of misconceptions about weight loss. Some people think fat is converted into en

The Myth of Loose Skin Read more articles. by Ron Brown, Ph.D., B.Sc. Dietetics, author of The Body Fat Guide “Ron Brown is a certified fitness trainer who doesn’t have an inch of flab on his body.

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Many women deal with loose skin postpartum, even after losing weight. Here are the options for firming up your skin after baby.