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If there’s a special mom-to-be on your shopping list this holiday season, save the baby gifts for next year and treat her to something that’s all about her.

“I was a mute from the time I was seven and a half until I was almost 13. I didn’t speak. I had voice, but I refused to use it.” As a , Maya Angelou was traumatized by .

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Your best friend’s pregnant and you want to celebrate! While buying her a round of drinks at your favorite bar may be out of the question, there are a number

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So your bestie just announced she’s pregnant, and she’s already drowning in the cute onesies and nursery room essentials. While we’re fans of decking out your baby’s wardrobe and their playroom, we know your pregnant friend is the real star of the show. We’ve got 30 essential presents

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How do these gifts work? Our church partners around the world have identified some of the greatest needs in their communities. These gifts meet those needs, allowing ren to have the security, health, skills and opportunities they need to grow up and become all God created them to be.

What to buy for a baby shower? Perfect baby shower gifts are thoughtful, personal, and practical. Start with the couple’s gift registry for an idea what they like–or let us help you.

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My best friend is pregnant. Lately the preggo hormones have been making her very depressed and I was thinking about making up a care package for her — one that’s all about her and not so much focused on baby stuff.